Beautify your home with Recycled Granite Split Stone Tile

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100% recycled granite is split into distinctive, raw stone tiles that will beautify your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Go Green with Recycled Granite

Split Stone Tiles

Solid granite and marble counter top remnants are split into raw stone tiles that can be applied as a veneer to wall surfaces. This process reveals mica chips and exposes the beauty of the stone within.

Granite Pavers

This permeable application minimizes impact on water quality and drainage systems. It stands up well to snow removal processes, and resists salts better than conventional asphalt or concrete.

Granite Fire Pits

Recycled granite fire pits are easy to assemble.  They come in two configurations, round or square, and  gas mechanisms can be special ordered.  Fire pits are 13″ tall, but extra layers can be ordered.

Other Granite Projects

Various projects can be created using recycled split stone tiles.  Items include whiskey stones, garden benches, and engraved stepping stones. Contact us to fabricate your ideas, or to purchase raw materials.